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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It's Aquarius season... find out what that means for you and your #goals!

AQUARIUS - Feeling more vibrant this month? This is YOUR season! So don’t be surprised when you sense yourself running faster, training harder & getting those “have you been working out?!” questions! The gym is your oyster... Enjoy!

PISCES - Stress may be high, but so is your natural sense of spirituality and relaxation! Make sure to meditate and do PLENTY of yoga classes this month (especially mercury goes into retrograde)

ARIES - P-O-S-T-I-V-I-T-Y! Get ready for your ambition & action to flow! You will see so much opportunity & you’ll do great in most things (as always). Use your energy to take risks even if that means taking that group fitness class you always wanted to take!

TAURUS - You are FOCUSED on success and no one can shake you. Not even your excuses. PLEASE use this time to get it right & establish a strong foundation for 2020. If you channel good habits now (your gym routine or meal plan), then 2020 will be looking good!

GEMINI - Knowledge is power & you are so curious about everything! Want to learn how to improve your fitness routine? Use this time to do it, there is so much positive energy shining on your sense of learning.

CANCER - Transformation energies are high this month! So what is your truth? This month will not be the easiest but remember change is good! If you feel the need to completely change your workout routine, make sure to ask for some guidance beforehand & know that this is for your own benefit!

LEO - Collaboration is key! We know you are an independent soul, but you will find yourself having positive interactions this month. Need to partner up with a trainer? A workout buddy? Just know your partnerships are shining bright this month!

VIRGO - #Goals. You are taking your health very seriously this month, and you have this strong sense of dedication towards improving all things work-related. Use this time to crush it because you are more than capable.

LIBRA - Will you find your swolemate this month? Well, there’s a pretty good chance. Love & Luxury are calling, so if you feel like a HydroMassage® is needed... DO IT!

SCORPIO - So you’re analyzing yourself… A lot. Revisit your habits and take this time to tweak where needed. Need to up your gym routine? Is your form correct? Don’t shy away from help or discovering new ways to improve. There is definitely space for you to get better & better.

SAGITTARIUS - Communication is BIG this month! You definitely want to collaborate and be around others. You might make some new friends in your group fitness classes. Feel free to initiate conversations, you’ve got it!

CAPRICORN - YOU! YOU! YOU! This month is all about positively strategizing new ways to enhance your talents & your self-development. (It’s okay to be selfish). You have the drive to crush your #GymGoals this month, but also don’t forget to relax & take a yoga class here & there.


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