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PISCES - Hello there! Your word of the month isn’t Birthday… Even better, it’s Confidence! You have “Goals” energy! Let go of anything that is not good, and push forward. Your will power is highlighted, so even on the days that you might not want to go get a workout in, you better believe you will show up. Wear what you want, express yourself unapologetically and take action in what you love!

ARIES - Your word of the month: Transform! With the Sun in your 12th house, this month is all about regenerating. Protect & preserve your energy, Aries. You might feel a bit lethargic but that’s nothing a good yoga class or swim can’t fix! With Mars energy in your 10th house, you will feel this push to accomplish a goal. Do what you know is right (don’t let that lethargic energy get to you too much).

TAURUS - Your word of the month: Socialize! The Sun is putting energy in your community and your social life & it’s about time, Taurus. Be bold, as this is favored & feel free to join some fitness classes where you can make a friend or two. Mars will also be shining a light in your expansion, so get ready for a boost of boldness! Your comfort zone won’t last for too long, but it’s all in your favor so embrace it!

GEMINI - So you felt cute… Well, this is not the month to delete later! Your word of the month: Recognition! There is positive energy in your career or industry. You have this popularity going around you this month so have at it! Take your gym selfies, lift those weights, & accept those compliments! You will also be focused on one goal, that thing that you have been low-key about for some time… focus on it!

CANCER - We are happy to report that your word of the month is Optimism! Your mood? On point! You are seeing the glass half full & this energy is perfect for some manifesting! Have a fitness goal but need some extra help? You will definitely receive it! Your partnerships are highlighted, so take some time to ask someone you trust!

LEO - We know you’re going to love this! This month is all about… get ready… Self-discovery! Okay so maybe this is not the easiest thing right now, but trust us, Leo. Those thoughts that do not serve you have got to go. Get to know more of yourself, and you might find out that you like HIIT training more than just lifting! Mars will be giving you all the energy to try every kind of workout that sparks your interest so Leo, focus on you, not how others see you.

VIRGO - The weather is warming up, and so are your partnerships! How are they serving you & what can you do to get the most out of them? So you have many words of the month, but we’ll stick with self-expression! Mars will be giving you a bold push, and you might find yourself wearing a colorful gym OOTD! Tag us in the pic, kay? Oh! Remember that balance is important, in partnerships, in working out, in nutrition and in your entire life!

LIBRA - You are booked & busy! Your word: Productivity! Your health will be highlighted this month, so if you are looking to level up your workout & nutrition, take this time to set that foundation or improve it. It will help you in the long term! You are all about balance, so a connection between your mental & physical health will arise. Go hard at the gym & go hard at meditation (or whatever improves your mental health).

SCORPIO - Looks like the “love vibes” of February will be sticking with you this March! Passion is your word, and self-expression will be your highlight of the month! Looks like your swolemate might be coming soon, or, if you have a swolemate, it’s just going to get better. Scorpio, be ready to chat it up with anyone as this is favored. There’s knowledge, best practices & important info you want to gain which will be done this month through collaboration.

SAGITTARIUS - Sag, we know you like to be everywhere all the time BUT this month will be highlighting that 10% internal side of you! Your word is Home (we know EW)! Take this energy positively and watch you tap into a side of you that is in need of attention. Take care of your emotions and reconnect with good memories. Try some yoga, go for a swim and make sure you are fueling your body as you might feel a bit fatigued.

CAPRICORN - Your word is Power - wow, what a surprise… But seriously take ADVANTAGE. Any creative side of you that wants more? Okay, yeah, that will have power & be favored this month. Wear your fav gym outfit! You want to make sure you’re allowing all your creativity to flow and thanks to Mars, you will have all the motivation to take your creative assets even more seriously. Oh, and please be careful at the gym. Mars will be making you kind of reactive, and you want to make sure that all your weights are properly placed before you lift, okay!

AQUARIUS - So the party is over and you are ready for what’s next. Your word: Focused! Take this time to align all your resources, or even find more resources in the aspects of your life where you want to level up. This being said, we know how tired your body must be from all the fun, but you can’t let it get to you! Work your way up to a boxing class or go all in! You gotta get your body moving & your mind focused!


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